Harsh chemicals don’t scare us

As the original and still leading manufacturer of heat exchangers made of fluoropolymer materials, no other fluoropolymer manufacturers company has as much experience in helping achieve success with process heating or cooling of aggressive chemicals. Using the highest-quality FEP, PFA and other fluoropolymers, Niche fabricates products for heating, cooling and distribution of chemicals with no corrosion, fouling, contamination or interaction with the process media. By minimizing maintenance requirements and maximizing service life, Niche products help lower costs, improve operational reliability, and maintain heating/cooling efficiency.

Niche products include shell-and-tube heat exchangers, immersion coils, reactor coils, and fluoropolymer tubing and pipe.

Thousands of customers around the world rely on its expertise in fluoropolymer manufacturers to improve their processes and profitability. Some had previously learned the hard way that inferior technologies are often costlier in the long run. Metal-based products corrode and generate scale and fouling. Graphite heat exchangers foul, and both graphite and glass heat exchangers are highly vulnerable to mechanical and thermal shock that cause cracks or catastrophic failure.

A partner in achieving purity goals

Many processes require extreme purity, such as the manufacture of ultra-pure chemicals and pharmaceuticals and in semiconductor wafer and chip fabrication. Niche offers fluoropolymer Manufacturers heat exchangers, FEP, PFA products and tubing made with ultrahigh-purity fluoropolymer resin. These resins are considered chemically inert and yield extremely low extractables, enabling the production of the purest chemicals available today. Upon request, Niche FPP offers clean room manufacturing capability for extreme purity applications.

An expert in lowering foundry costs

Unlike other suppliers of refractory cloth, Niche FPP takes a consultative role, showing foundry managers ways to reduce casting defects with root cause analysis and to cut operation costs and reduce cycle times. Its silicon mesh-based filters and riser breakers, with proprietary coatings and designs, provide strength, flexibility and technology advantages over other silica and ceramic filters. Let Niche show how.