Niche Fluoropolymer Products ( Niche FPP ) offers a broad range of products to serve the industrial, metal finishing and treating, high-purity, and metal casting markets. Its fluoropolymer products resist corrosion and yield low extractability, making them critical for processing harsh chemicals and for high-purity manufacturing. Its molten metal filters improve metal casting quality and reduce operational costs.


Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Niche Fluoropolymer Products is the world leader in fluoropolymer shell-and-tube heat exchangers and immersion coils for a wide range of industrial applications. Heat Exchangers is a system to transfer heat from one medium to another. Keep Reading



Dual containment, bonded and standard tubing in your choice of PTFE, FEP, PFA, ultrahigh purity PFA, THV and other fluoropolymers in a wide range of sizes. Keep Reading



Niche Fluoropolymer Products offers a range of sizes of Schedule 10 pipe, Schedule 40 pipe, and Schedule 80 pipe in a choice of FEP, PFA, or ultrahigh-purity PFA resins. Keep Reading


Fluoropolymer Tubing and Pipe

Niche Fluor-X fluoropolymer tubing and fluoropolymer pipe is designed for ultrahigh-purity processes and highly corrosive applications. Keep Reading

High-Purity Products

High Purity Products

Niche FPP is the trusted provider of High Purity products which offer superior corrosion resistance and low extractables. Keep Reading


Foundry Filter Products

Niche Flexsil and CerraFlex high-temperature silica mesh filter cloths and filter cups offer the foundry and metal casting industry outstanding molten metal filtration. Keep Reading