Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Niche FPP heat exchanger manufacturers who make or use extremely corrosive liquids require corrosion-resistant heat exchanger materials to achieve reliable processes. These are processes that require dilution, condensation, heating, cooling, and crystallization. Fluoropolymer tubing, piping and heat exchangers are essential for industrial companies involved in

1. Making or using dilute sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid.

2. Acid recycling/regeneration

3.Metal finishing including galvanizing, plating, cleaning, and pickling Producing chlor-alkali or caustic soda.

Thousands of customers around the world enjoy lower operational costs by using our heat exchangers day-in and day-out with flawless performance. That’s because, as the original manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers, Niche uses higher-quality materials that avoid costly unplanned downtime and replacement costs. Users should be wary of low-cost suppliers who use inferior grades of FEP and PFA.

Niche manufacturers' Heat Exchanger product range covers almost any size, need and configuration, ranging from a small immersion heat-exchanger used in a laboratory bath to a 14-inch shell-and-tube heat exchanger used in high-volume chemical production.

Niche Fluoropolymer are suppliers of Heat Exchangers that do not foul or scale, so they promise low maintenance costs and exceptional service life. What’s more, fluoropolymer heat exchanger materials are inert to nearly all chemicals, further enhancing their ability to operate long-term in ultrahigh purity applications.


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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Reactor Coil Heat Exchangers

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Immersion Coil Heat Exchangers

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