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What are Fluoropolymer Products?

A Fluoropolymer is a fluorocarbon-based polymer with numerous carbon-fluorine bonds. It is described by high protection from solvents, acids, and bases.

The most popular fluoropolymer is polytetrafluoroethylene. Fluoropolymer is the sole material utilized when designing products for exclusively corrosive and ultrahigh purity applications.

Niche Fluoropolymer Products include shell and tube heat exchangers, immersion coils, tubing, and pipe manufactured for high purity and corrosive applications. Niche is the original and has been the leading manufacturer of Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers for over 55 years. We have extensive, global experience in Chemical Processing, Surface Finishing, Pickling, and Semiconductor industries which allows us to solve customer’s corrosion and high purity heat transfer challenges. 

Our Fluoropolymer material solves the typical problems which plague heat exchanger equipment used in those industries. Our heat exchangers offer the following characteristics: No Fouling, No Scaling, No Thermal Shock, No Differential Expansion, and No Corrosion. 

Our heat exchangers can be made with FEP, PFA, or our proprietary “Q” resins which we extrude in our plant in Nesquehoning, PA. Although fluoropolymers are insulators and do not transfer heat as well as metal heat exchangers, our patented honeycomb design tube-to-tube sheet joint allows us to maximize the number of tubes we can put into the shell diameter and offer more surface area. Our “Q” tubing doubles the thermal conductivity or is 2x FEP and PFA and offers higher temperature and pressure ratings.

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