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Rod Covering Repair in 4 easy steps!

Minor damage to the fluoropolymer which covers Slimline support rods can be repaired by melt-fixing a patch of FEP over the damaged area. Rod repair material is available from Niche.

1). Clean the cut area and lightly sand. Apply heat to the area with a plastic welding gun set at 1100OF (593OC) to soften the covering.

2). While the covering is in a softened state, flatten the area around the cut. Cut a length of material long enough to cover the damaged area with a 1/2 inch (13 mm) overlap on each end.

3). Hold the material centered over the repair area and heat one end until tacked. Proceed to mold the patch to the contours of the rod by working from the center outwards using the heat gun. This will push any air from under the patch.

4). When the patch has been melted to the contour of the rod, reheat in the center. Melt and press the patch, pushing outward, until the patch is completely bonded.

Niche stocks many sizes for fast delivery. The dual containment (coaxial), bonded and standard tubing are available in FEP, PFA, ultra-high-purity PFA, and other resins.

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