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Industry’s Weapon Against Corrosion

Corrosion of heat exchangers is extremely costly to chemical processing, metal processing, metal finishing, and other industries. Attack by corrosive fluids causes equipment breakdown, production losses, production contamination, and increased expenditures for maintenance. Reactor Coil Heat Exchangers are made of loose bundles of corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer tubes. 

To solve the corrosion problem, users are turning in increasing numbers from heat exchangers of metal, graphite, or glass to ones constructed of an inert material unmatched in corrosion resistance. 

  • Several steel mills have documented savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on individual steel pickling lines where Heat Exchangers of Fluoropolymers have been installed.

Heat Exchanger

  • A major U.S airline is getting over 6 times the service life from their units made of Fluoropolymer, compared to previous metal alloy units, used for the maintenance plating of aircraft parts. Operating and maintenance costs have been reduced significantly.

  • A sulfuric acid plant records annual energy savings of nearly 3MM returning the original heat exchanger investment every 6-8 months based on the use of Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers.

Niche FPP manufacturers Heat Exchanger product range covers almost any size, need, and configuration, ranging from a small immersion heat exchanger used in a laboratory bath to a 14-inch shell-and-tube heat exchanger used in high-volume chemical production.

Niche FPP is a leading global provider of specialized Niche products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, corrosion resistance, and ultra-high purity applications. Our unique designs, combined with the use of fluoropolymer materials, allow our heat exchangers to outperform and outlast competitors units.

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