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A niche application requires a niche solution, you will need a niche product. Niche Fluoropolymer Products “Reactor Coil”

Rector coils uses

Niche Fluoropolymer Products Reactor Coil Heat Exchangers are designed for immersion into mechanically agitated process vessels for heating or cooling corrosive liquids. They are primarily used for cooling in crystallizer applications whereby a coolant is used to cause solids to precipitate out of the solution. Such applications include the crystallization of spent pickle liquor to recapture sulfuric acid, the crystallization of caustic (sodium hydroxide) to purify it, and the crystallization of Glauber's Salt (Sodium sulfate). The loose bundle design of Reactor Coils is a prime benefit because it allows the coils to flex and flop during agitation, causing crystals to dislodge.

Reactor Coil's typical uses:

  • crystallizing salts from corrosive liquids in agitated vessels
  • vaporizing liquids in kettles, stills
  • immersion coil design-loose, flexible tube bundles with no spacers; tubes unrestrained
  • multiple coil installations are the most common
  • end connections of Fluoropolymer or stainless steel
  • mounted through the vessel wall or completely immersed

Niche FPP is a leading global provider of specialized Niche products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, corrosion resistance, and ultra-high-purity applications. Our unique designs, combined with the use of fluoropolymer materials, allow our heat exchangers to outperform and outlast competitors units.

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