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A Guide To Properly Cleaning the Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Bundle

A fluoropolymer heat exchanger should always be chemically decontaminated before attempting repairs. Decontamination procedures vary widely based on the chemicals processed. Local safety personnel should approve procedures, and certify the unit is safe for workers to proceed. Do not attempt to clean the outside surface of the bundle by scraping or chipping. Do not use hard abrasive materials. Damage to the fluoropolymer bundle may result.

1). The bundle should always be chemically cleaned by soaking in a bath (water, hot water, mild acid, etc.) of liquid tailored to dissolve the material on the unit. Do not flush with high-pressure water, as the velocity will damage the bundle. Maximum flushing should be typically with a garden hose flow.

2). Do not rod out plugged tubes with a hard metal rod. Backflush with water, solvent, or low pressure (40-50 PSIG maximum) steam to clean the tube insides.

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