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Ametek FPP is now Niche FPP!

Ametek FPP is now Niche FPP with a revived and confident new look. The greatest possible support for all our clients is what we strive to provide. We work hard to deliver the best fluoropolymer products possible to every client. We are thrilled to announce that in addition to a new title, we also have a new brand identity. Although it may seem like a significant change, our fundamental beliefs remain the same. We continue to be unwavering in our dedication to our ideals, clientele, and fundamental principles. We promise a significantly reduced total cost of ownership, a longer useful life, more uptime, fewer unscheduled shutdowns, lower maintenance costs, higher yields, higher product quality, and assurance in product performance.

Niche Fluoropolymer Products has recently rebranded from Ametek Fluoropolymer Products. Niche FPP, the first manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers, uses higher-quality materials to reduce unnecessary downtime and replacement costs. Our unique designs, combined with the use of fluoropolymer materials, allow our heat exchangers to outperform and outlast their competitor's units. Niche fluoropolymer heat exchangers (formerly Ametek heat exchangers) are single-pass, typically counter-current flow designs incorporating the unmatched corrosion-resistant qualities of fluoropolymer resins. Chemically inert fluoropolymers can help high-purity chemical, electronics chemical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical companies maintain the crucial quality standards required for these industries. Ametek heat exchangers, now known as Niche fluoropolymer heat exchangers, are used by many customers every day with flawless performance, which reduces operational costs.

The heating, cooling, condensing, and evaporation of extremely corrosive liquids and gases are the main functions of Niche shell and tube heat exchangers in the chemical processing industry. Shell and tube heat exchangers are among the most utilized types of heat exchangers because of their adaptability to a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Among our customers, we are reliable! Semiconductor and related manufacturers adhere to the highest purity standards owing to ultrahigh-purity (UHP) heat exchangers, which are constructed from the UHP PFA fluoropolymer resin. Chemically inert fluoropolymers help manufacturers of high-purity chemicals, electronics chemicals, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals maintain the necessary quality standards important to their industries.

 Fluoropolymer tubing of the highest quality available on the market is something Niche FPP is proud to provide. Fluoropolymer tubing can be used across a wide variety of temperatures for applications requiring both ultra-high purity and extreme corrosion resistance. Fluoropolymer tubing and pipe can be manufactured in custom sizes and lengths to be used in special applications as well as OEM system designs.

 We are flexible enough to change when the need arises to demonstrate our products in demanding and novel industrial applications. This viewpoint will aid us in maintaining us customer relationships, competitiveness, innovation, and vitality.

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