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Electronics manufacturing remains one of the most important sectors in Europe and one of the fastest growing in the World. The upcoming event The SEMICON EUROPA 2021 will be held at Munich, Germany on November 16-19th creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain. We are looking forward to expanding the opportunities to exchange ideas and understand the technological expansion in electronics manufacturing in Europe.

The microelectronics industry encompasses a wide range of complex and specialized equipment used in various fields. Come visit us at Hall B1 Niche FPP products located at booth #144 and explore the product information related to the Ultra High Purity Heat Exchangers, tubing & pipe. We attract an audience from every sector shaping the industry trends.

The microelectronics industry is one of the largest contributors to the economy and employs millions of people around the globe. We would like you all to mark the calendar for the event and make it a point to stop by at our booth. To learn more about Ultra High Purity Heat Exchangers, Tubing & Pipe.

We also participated in Chem Show 2019 and SEMICON West 2019 events you can read detail information on respective blogs.

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