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Niche FPP Fluor-X with Ultra High Purity Standards

Niche FPP Fluor-X has unmatched purity that meets the toughest standards in the semiconductor market

Niche Fluoropolymer Products offers Fluor-X tubing and pipe in a variety of materials, including THV, FEP, PFA, and Ultra-High Purity PFA.

Niche Fluor-X Tubing is designed to meet the exact high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry and meets Semi-F-57 standards. Niche Fluor-X Tubing and Pipe is used in highly corrosive applications.

FPP fluoropolymer tubing is designed to meet the exact high purity requirements of the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Niche produces tubing under strict standards, utilizing premium high-purity grades of PFA. Our UHP-PFA tubing can be manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room environment and meets Semi F-57 standards. Specifications defining the exact resin grade and/or manufacturer can easily be accommodated. Custom sizes, spool lengths, cleanroom production, and laser etching are available upon request.

Niche fluoropolymer tubing is produced and packaged under strict standards of cleanliness, with capped ends and tubing double-bagged and sealed in plastic for clean storage/shipping. All tubing spools are plastic. *Our unique XXP280 is comparable to the now discontinued, pHasor X heat exchanger. 

We would like to offer an onsite meeting to access your needs and provide a complimentary consultation with our high-purity Sales Manager, Lola Ramos. or 302-382-1767

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