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Chlor-Alkali Industry and how FPP can accommodate the growth

The Chlor-Alkali industry is headed for an increase in growth rate. This industry refers to the process that is used for the electrolysis of sodium chloride. The procedure creates chlorine and sodium hydroxide, which are commodity chemicals required by the industry. Starting now until 2022 the market forecast is expected to reach a double billion dollar expansion with an impressive CAGR rate. The construction sector and paper industries are two areas leading this surge.

Here’s how FPP can help to accommodate this growth and help you achieve your business needs. Most materials used in heat exchangers include glass, graphite, and titanium. Unfortunately, they are affected by multiple unavoidable changes such as temperature, concentration, or pH of the corrosive stream. This leads to fouling, scaling, and premature failure, which affects your time, money, and resources.

However, Niche Fluoropolymer Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers provide the ideal solution for heat exchange in processing corrosive liquids that's why these are the most preferable heat exchangers. Our Heat Exchangers provide unmatched resistance to corrosion, thermal/mechanical shock, and differential expansion!

We provide you with increased productivity, efficiency, and value-in-use through savings in plant maintenance, and extended heat exchanger service life. All units feature our proven, unique honeycomb structure, which provides a lightweight and compact bundle design. The material is inert to nearly all chemicals, and affords to heat exchanger versatility in plants with multiple corrosive streams! Fluoropolymer Heat exchangers are backed by Niche’s excellent quality, service, and support.

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