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Niche FPP Project Engineer, John Kowalchick discusses the benefits of the new XXP280 heat exchanger

John Kowalchick, Niche FPP project engineer and the developer of a brand new  XXP280 heat exchanger discusses the design specifics, application requirements, and significant benefits of this innovative product.

This heat exchanger is the latest technology for heating and cooling, corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals. The XXP280 100 Fluoropolymer construction and rugged design allow precise temperature control in extreme environments where others fail. The unique honeycomb design allows for exceptional heat transfer rates while maintaining a high-pressure capability and compact size.

1. What differentiates the XXP280 from other high-purity shell and tube heat exchangers on the market?

The XXP280 is the perfect combination of high heat transfer performance and durability in a compact footprint. This heat exchanger can withstand flow rates that would cause other heat exchangers to fail in less than an hour. It allows precise temperature control in the most extreme environments.

2. Can you please discuss the unique Niche FPP honeycomb design and its importance?

Niche is the original fluoropolymer heat exchanger manufacturer and we have been manufacturing heat exchangers for over 50 years! Our unique honeycomb design produces a robust tube sheet that can handle very demanding conditions and provide exceptional heat transfer performance in a small package.

3. Please discuss the benefits of the 100 Fluoropolymer construction vs other materials.

Fluoropolymers are inert, which means you can place them in almost any chemical and they do not react. For the customer, this means an exceptionally long service life with very little maintenance and the ability to have the purest process.

4. What is the importance of excluding o rings, gaskets, and metal in the design?

For extremely high-purity applications that are common in the Semiconductor industry, UHP PFA is the premium material. Its unique properties like inertness, low extractability, and smooth surfaces allow it to achieve purity levels much cleaner than any other material. Simply stated, all other materials are a potential source of contamination that will decrease the purity of the system.

Interested in learning more about the Niche FPP XXP280? Please contact Lola Ramos at 302-382-1767 or email for further details. *Our XXP280 is comparable to the now discontinued pHasor X heat exchanger.

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