CerraFlex®, a proprietary molten metal filter, is the strongest screen-based filter available. It was developed for use in metal casting applications where pouring temperatures meet or exceed the maximum limit of silica mesh fabric, such as super-alloy steel or when pouring large volume end-castings that standard ceramic filters cannot accommodate because of extended exposure time or high ferrostatic head pressure.

The extreme rigidity of CerraFlex, even at higher temperatures, helps limit directional deflection of the filter screen from the pressure of the flowing metal. A more rigid filter screen permits closer placement at the ingate or the riser contact area. This reduces the amount of residue to be ground off in the finishing process. As no other molten-metal filter offers this performance, it’s no surprise that leading manganese steel casting foundries rely on CerraFlex RiserBreakers® to safely and efficiently remove large-contact area risers.

Key Features
  • High temperature capability
  • Rigid filter handles high pour volumes