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What is Fluoropolymer Tubing?

What is Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluoropolymer tubing is an inert material and has excellent resistance to heat, up to 500°F continuously. 

Fluoropolymer tubing is made with non-stick fluoropolymer resins, combined with their low extractable levels and chemically inert nature, which resists thermal and mechanical shock and is non-aging. 

These characteristics make Niche tubing ideal for semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace industry, automotive industry, electronics, solar panel industry, food and beverage processing, medical equipment industry, pharmaceutical processing, DI water applications, and chemical processing applications. 

Niche Flour-X tubing is available in FEP, PFA, and THV and ultra-high purity PFA for applications where purity is a concern. We need to repair tubes when it's required and maintain their quality.

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